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Tilt Armour
I made this armour primarily for display purposes (although it can be worn). It is loosely based on armour of the German Gestech period, circa 1500. It would have been worn on horse-back for tilting. Tilting was jousting, but where the opponents were prevented from colliding by a fence, the tilt.

The intention, in tilting, was not to kill the opponent, but to score points. Scoring was achieved by unhorsing or the number of lances splintered on the opponent, with the point of contact having different values.

The helm has an extended lower lip, so when the rider leans back just prior to contact, the eyes are protected. This type of armour featured a heavy bridle arm defence, known as a manifer, whilst the right arm had little plate armour due to it being protected by the vamplate attached to the lance. Neither was there any plate armour on the legs below the knees, as they were protected by armour attached to the horse's saddle.

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