Exhibition Feature
Full-scale life size model car
Image of full size model sports car exhibition feature

Under instruction from Edmund Monaghan Ass.,
this full-scale model, produced for British Steel plc, is made of body parts by seven different automotive manufacturers. This was in order to present the clients' interests in the automobile industry, but without giving unequal favour to any of their customers.

Not indicated by the image, is that the model is cut into two halves down the centre of the car. Each half is displayed against a mirrored wall at two exhibition sites within Port Talbot Steel Works; So, two visually complete cars exhibit and save floor space.

Rather than a purely static exhibition display, some
"attention grabbing" aspects are incorporated
in the model :

The wheels turn slowly.
The front and rear lights flash.
The indicators flash at a different rate.
(The flashing rate and brightness of the lights,
was not such that would be found annoying)

Techniques Involved:
Sculpture ~ polyester compound.
GRP fabrication.
Steel fabrication ~ welding.
General and electrical engineering.
Electronic circuit ~ design and fabrication.
Spray painting.

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