Exhibition Feature

Life Size Model ~ of Product Logo

As a conversation opener, this was probably the most effective that I have made.
Cerberus, the Greek mythological dog, was featured on product literature for a range of security fencing. This life-size model, with flashing red eyes, was used on exhibitions as an attention grabber and conversation opener.
The exhibition stand representatives were also briefed with the relevant Greek mythology.
They found the model extremely helpful, with more visitors making the first approach. It was specifically requested for future use at other exhibitions.
The model was also employed as part of a display in the company's foyer.

Image of life-size model of three-headed dog
Client :
Landore Metal Products.

Dimensions :
Length of base approx. 1 Mtr.

Cerberus (Greek): A three-headed, dragon-tailed dog guarding the entrance to Hades. He permitted all spirits to enter Hades, but none to leave. Only a few heroes ever escaped; the great musician Orpheus charmed it with his lyre, and the Greek hero Hercules captured it bare-handed and brought it for a short time to the regions above. In Roman mythology the beautiful maiden Psyche (or Sybil) and the Trojan prince Aeneas were able to pacify Cerberus with a drugged honey cake and thus to continue their journey through the underworld.

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