Display Furniture and Enclosures

Display Cabinet

Client:Edmund Monagham Ass.

A cabinet for British Steel plc, for display of product samples.

Glazed with acrylic and finished with a high quality laminate, internally it featured an electric turntable and was dressed with satin material.

Luxurious Display Cabinet

Instrumentation Console

Instrument Console
Client:Stills Design for Penny & Giles

A console for the display of instrumentation at exhibitions.

Constructed of extruded aluminium frame and inset aluminium panels.

Flip-sheet Holder

Flip-sheet Holder
Client:Stills Design

A rotatable flip-sheet holder with easy access to change sheets.

Laminated MDF

Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustic Printer Enclosures

High attenuation printer enclosures.
Featuring high mass (foam-lead-foam) acoustic insulation, double glazing, gas spring assisted lids, forced air ventilation and internal printer power supply.

Exhibition Display Cabinet

Triangular Display Cabinet
Client:British Steel Tinplate

A product display cabinet with built-in lighting.

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