Exhibition & Museum Features

Animated Lighting


Client:Edmund Monaghan Ass.

This feature in an exhibition within British Steel, Port Talbot works, represented molten steel pouring from a vessel.

The "molten steel" was illuminated internally with dozens of small lamps switched in sequence to give the illusion of flowing metal.

Made of GRP mouldings.

Electronic switching circuitry designed and built specifically for this job.
Illuminated "pouring steel" model

A/V Conversions


Client : Vertigo Creative Ltd

Produced for a museum, these 1970s TV and music centre received some restoration to improve their condition, then they were converted to incorporate modern audio visual equipment.

The music centre has a "power-on-and-play" auto-looping audioplayer.

1970s TV & Music Centre
1970s TV & Music Centre

The original television CRT and electronics were removed and replaced by a flat-screen monitor (hinged to allow access to monitor controls). An A/V unit via memory card feeds signal to monitor and powered speakers.

1970s TV rear

Place Block Puzzle


Client : Vertigo Creative Ltd

Produced for the Shakespeare Trust in Coventry.
An activity for children; placing the wooden block parts within a cut-out floor plan to build a period house. Three identical puzzles were produced in different colours.

Place Block Puzzle

Display Panel

A schematic of old & new types of household hot water supply systems.

Water systems model display

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