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game machine exhibition featue
Client :Hamptons Relocation

The nature of this company's business, not being very visually stimulating, had prompted them to employ other methods of attracting visitors to their exhibition stands; and games built specifically for the purpose proved successful. This board game in particular, was credited with some of the success for them gaining a 'Best Stand Award'.

The principal of the game was that of a rocking table. The user attempted to guide a ball from 'Old Home' to 'New Home' through connecting tunnels, avoiding the 'Pitfalls of Relocation'. The 'pitfalls' were flaps actuated by a mechanism, which would allow the ball to fall through. Frustration of the person playing was enhanced by the use of a built in audio amplifier, which would be triggered if the player managed to get the ball more than halfway through the maze before losing it - when the game would make a laughing sound. It was probably this laughing which drew much of the attention.

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