GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Mouldings

Computer Bases

Base with monitor
With monitor fitted.
Clients :
Cognitive Applications
National Portrait Gallery

Twelve of these computer bases were initially made for use at the National Portrait Gallery (with repeat orders) as direct replacements for the standard swivel bases. A powered loudspeaker was incorporated, with volume & on/off controls at the rear.

GRP Computer base

Loudspeaker Enclosures

Dodecahedron test loudspeaker enclosure
Client :Acoustics and Noise Partnership

This loudspeaker enclosure is a dodecahedron (12 faces), produced from two GRP castings.

The Loudspeaker is used with test equipment for evaluating room acoustics.

Rail Carriage Seating

Client:Tickford Rail

Seat bases, backs and aisle armrests for a full-size railway carriage mock-up.

Railway carriage seating

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