Full Size Vehicle Mock-up
Vehicle Prototypes

Full Scale Mock-up of Tram ~ Cab Section
Image of full size mock-up tram Client :Tickford Rail Ltd

I built the entire cab section of this tram mock-up, working from supplied CAD drawings. This included both the exterior and interior of the mock-up, moulding the interior panelling, and moulding and upholstering the console.

When on exhibition display, the mock-up was very well received and gained some excellent revues from the trade press for its high standard of finish; borne out by the fact that some visitors to the exhibition stand were surprised that it was "only" a model.

Prototype Tram ~ Interior
Image of console for prototype tram
Should this image be confusing : the view is taken from
three-quarter front, off-side (if you drive on the left
side of the road that is!).
Client :
Pullman Transportation Projects

Commissioned to produce the interior GRP mouldings for the cabs(2) of a prototype tram. This prototype is based upon the original mock-up, above. The job entailed both design and production of interior panels and dashboard/console of the cab.

The picture here shows the finished console mouldings upholstered, just prior to installing in the prototype tram.

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