A promotional display for the launch of
ULSAB - The ultra light steel auto body

Animated Model

This animated model car body was produced for British Steel plc, who wished
to promote the forthcoming launch of ULSAB, the ultra light steel auto body.
The display model was used in February 1998 at the 'What Car of the Year Awards' event.
British Steel sponsored the trophies, which I also produced, you may see them here.

The brief for this display required that it should be unusual enough to create interest whilst emphasising the weight saving properties of the ULSAB.
I proposed that a model of the car body should behave like a tethered balloon, slowly swaying in the air. The result as shown here, was a 1.2mtr model car body supported on a tube, finished to look like a rope tied to a wooden stake.

Animation was provided by a mechanism within the display base. This produced an effect like that of something swaying in the breeze.

This display at the WhatCar Car of the Year Awards

This animation gives some indication of how the model moved.

For the sake of file size, the animation here only shows a fraction of the real animation sequence; which in reality moved somewhat slower, and takes three quarters of a minute to complete its' cycle of apparently random movement.
animated image of the display

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