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I build web sites which are simple (from a search engine's perspective), and designed to be easily referenced and navigated.

The web sites I design don't usually have owners with budgets to advertise their sites through the media. They, like the majority of sites, rely upon traffic generated via search engines. The top page of a web site is very important to search engines. Careful thought has to be given to the wording and content in this page, and the method of navigation from it, to other pages on the site.

I give these aspects a high priority in my designs, and firmly believe in producing error free code with optimised graphics, resulting in fast loading pages; not everyone has broadband connections.

Japanese encoding & Graphics

I provide both a full translation and Japanese web page (double-byte code) encoding service, for building fully enabled web pages in the Japanese language; also conversion and translation from Japanese to English. In-house native Japanese language staff.

I also provide other (non-internet related) Japanese language facilities:
General translation service.
Computer generated or hand-drawn Japanese calligraphy.


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Hairdecoration by Japan Style

SJS Express Couriers

Japan Style Dress

Gill Fortescue Clay Sculpture

Toru Takamizawa

Japanese Style Wedding

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