Wind Turbine Scale Models

GE 1.5MW Wind Turbine

GE 1.5MW wind turbine model


Designed in 3D on CAD and produced by SLS (Selective Laser Sintering), this 1:50 scale model has been extensively reworked since the first model (basic version below) and now contains a higher level of detail.

The model can be supplied powered or not. When powered, a low voltage motor/gearbox turns the rotor, supplied with a universal 110-240v power supply making it suitable for use in any country.

Top detail of GE wind turbine model
The model is made for quick assembly without tools, for easy assembly on site.

Detail of steps to GE wind turbine model

Special Requirements

I receive requests for certain needs, such as the tower being reduced in height to cope with a low ceiling.

Robin Radar Systems BV, The Netherlands, wanted a working anti-collision lamp, shown in this video.

Transportation / Storage Flightcase (Optional)

As with the model itself, no tools are needed to stow the model in its case.

All timber in the model, baseboard and case, are only plywood (no solid timber) in order to avoid any complications with timber import restrictions, in particular the USA.

Here (picture on right) the model baseboard is stowed in the bottom of the flightcase.
With stowage tray placed in, the model components are located in foam mounts secured with Velcro straps.
Wind turbine model baseboard stowed in its flightcase.
Closed wind turbine flightcase.
Wind turbine model stowed in its flightcase.

The cost of parts to produce just the wind turbine model alone is over £1000 UKP.
I make no profit on the cost of materials, only earning from my time put into preparation, assembly and finishing; so I do not sell unfinished parts.

I get many inquiries from enthusiasts, and without wishing to appear rude, unfortunately if you do not have a £2500 UKP budget (full model including case*) there is little point in contacting me.

*Unless collecting in person, the only cost effective and safe method of transporting is within the purpose made flight case.

However I am happy to accommodate requirements of less than a complete model; blades only for example.

GE 1.5MW Wind Turbine (basic detail)

Client:Aristeo Construction

This was the first of this GE wind turbine model produced. Like that above, 1:50 scale but basic in detail. I still produce this if required as it does cost less due to lower level of detail in the model.

This also is made for quick assembly without tools. The detail images show the same blade bayonet attachment method.
turbine hub detail

Vesta wind turbine model
Vesta wind turbine model

Vestas Wind Turbine

Client:Edmund Monagham Ass.

An exhibition model for SWEB of a Vestas wind turbine generator on the Delabole Windfarm.

1:25 scale and powered. The model's tower stood approx. 1200mm high. This was a one-off and only intended to be representative, not an accurate scale model.
Vesta wind turbine model

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